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  • The perfect blazer: what to look for

    If you want to look stylish, there is one essential piece of clothing for your wardrobe: the blazer. The versatile blazer can be worn to work, out with friends, or on a date. Want to look business casual? Make sure you shine at work with this must-have in your wardrobe. Find out which blazer best suits your body type as you choose the perfect blazer. Read more >

  • The best Styling Tips for Men

    Men are typically less focused on their size, their weight, or their clothes. Some men even dislike shopping. Even so, most men like to look their best every day. The good news is that once you know your body shape, dressing to look your best is a cinch. Read our article below for simple Do's and Don't's to dressing for your frame. Read more >

  • Tips for a stylish pregnancy: use accessories

    Is it possible to look stylish throughout your pregnancy without breaking the bank? It is if you utilize accessories! Buy some comfortable basics and accessorize them with colorful belts, bags, jewelry, scarves, or belly bands. This is the key to creating many varied styles from the same fashion basics! Mix and match for maternity style that is anything but boring! Read more >

  • Pregnancy: 6 tips to keep you stylish

    As a pregnant woman, your body goes through many changes. How can you choose stylish yet comfortable clothing? Combine your clothes so that you don't have to purchase an entirely new wardrobe for each stage of your pregnancy. With these tips you can walk stylishly throughout every stage of your pregnancy. Read more >

  • How to find the perfect Little Black Dress

    Are you faced with an event or outing and find yourself doubting what to wear? There is one tried and true solution: The Little Black Dress or LBD. Popularized by Coco Chanel, the LBD is perfect for any occasion and a must-have for every woman. Read on to find an LBD that is perfectly tailored to your physique. Read more >

  • Meaning of color

    Colors have an effect on humans. On the one hand we associate colors with certain images and meanings, on the other hand we are influenced in our behavior by colors. The colors which you feel attracted to reveal something about yourself and your personality. The energy of color can have a positive influence on our well-being. What can colors say or do for you? Read more >

  • What is your face shape?

    First impressions are always important. Often, the first thing someone will notice about you is your face. A radiant, structured face is the basis of a successful look. When choosing your hairstyle, accessories, and makeup, it is important to consider the shape of your face. Read on to discover the shape of your face below. Read more >

  • Oval Face Shape

    An oval face is balanced with a medium length and a rounded jawline. This is the ideal face shape for many. Because your face shape is so versatile, you can take your hair, necklines, makeup, and accessories in many different directions. Read more >

  • Heart Shaped Face or Inverted Triangle

    An heart shaped face is a long face with a pointed jawline and a widow's peak at the hairline. The hairline is wider than the jawline making the shape of a heart. An inverted triange has the same characteristics but with a completed hairline rather than a widow's peak. Read on to learn how to dress and accessorize in accordance with your face shape. Read more >

  • Square Face Shape

    An square face shape is a shorter face shape with an square, angular jawline. It's main characteristics are a strong shape and sharp angles. To bring your square face into a softer shape, consider your hairstyle, necklines, and jewelry. Read on for our tips. Read more >