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  • What is your face shape?

    First impressions are always important. Often, the first thing someone will notice about you is your face. A radiant, structured face is the basis of a successful look. When choosing your hairstyle, accessories, and makeup, it is important to consider the shape of your face. Read on to discover the shape of your face below. Read more >

  • Triangular or Pear-Shaped Face

    A Pear or triangular face is a shorter face shape with an angular jawline and a narrow hairline. Your face can be brought into proportion and balanced by dresssing and accessorizing accordingly. To make your face appear more oval in shape, read our tips below on how to dress, accessorize, and choose a haircut that makes your face shape shine. Read more >

  • Rectangular Face Shape

    A Rectangular face shape is a long face with a square, angled jawline. Its defining characteristics are long and strong. If you wish to soften the look of your rectangular face, follow the tips below to dress, accessorize, and wear makeup in accordance with your face shape. Read more >

  • Heart Shaped Face or Inverted Triangle

    An heart shaped face is a long face with a pointed jawline and a widow's peak at the hairline. The hairline is wider than the jawline making the shape of a heart. An inverted triange has the same characteristics but with a completed hairline rather than a widow's peak. Read on to learn how to dress and accessorize in accordance with your face shape. Read more >

  • Square Face Shape

    An square face shape is a shorter face shape with an square, angular jawline. It's main characteristics are a strong shape and sharp angles. To bring your square face into a softer shape, consider your hairstyle, necklines, and jewelry. Read on for our tips. Read more >

  • Round Face Shape

    A round face is shorter in length with a rounded jawline. There are no sharp lines or angles on a round face. To bring structure and definition to your soft face, read our tips below. Read more >

  • Oval Face Shape

    An oval face is balanced with a medium length and a rounded jawline. This is the ideal face shape for many. Because your face shape is so versatile, you can take your hair, necklines, makeup, and accessories in many different directions. Read more >

  • Diamond Face Shape

    A diamond face shape has a narrow forehead, high, wide cheekbones and a narrow, pointed chin. You have beautiful cheekbones and a delicate jawline. Play up your best features and correct the features you do not like by reading below. Read more >

  • Clothing tips for small women

    Are you petite? You are smaller than the average woman and often described as cute. Small women are often seen as charming and desirable. However, your lack of height radiates little authority and you are often easily underestimated. for this reason, small women can be extra ambitious and successfull For example, think of Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Dolly Parton, ... Read more >

  • Spring and Summer Trends 2016

    This Summer features pieces with delicate cutouts and designs with creative touches that speak to our imagination. We aren't pinned to any particular era but can instead pick and choose from across decades as we please. A trend report we can work with! Below are the six key fashion trends for Summer 2016. Read more >